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This year’s Northern Digital Awards showed what amazing talent we have on our own doorsteps


It was a great honour to be a judge at Northern Digital Awards 2019 The Winners were announced last Thursday (31st January)  at Leeds’ spectacular Royal Armouries Museum.

The Northern Digital Awards recognize the very best in digital marketing campaigns and talent across the North, as well as rewarding websites, apps, and software to reflect the online world that public, private and third sector organizations now inhabit, trade and communicate in. There were awards in 30 categories including sector-specific campaigns, best team and best agency awards.

There were some amazing and crazily talented people shortlisted and some very worthy winners. You can find a list of the winners HERE.

This year I was struck by the strength of the submissions from both the 3rd and Public Sectors and that GDPR seemed to have a such a  profound effect on them and may have even spurred some great digital innovation.

GDPR has have been a catalyst for many organizations to update antiquated business processes and to support digital transformation initiatives. Rather than being viewed as a compliance ‘tick box,’ it’s a golden opportunity to embark on digital transformation initiatives that return the customer/end user to the heart of things.

Across all sectors, we have also seen key players embrace. Influencer Marketing, Interactive Chatbots and Voice Search.

Overall its been an inspiring process I can’t wait to see how this year’s winners progress in 2019.

Richard Dawson

What Sir Nick Clegg’s move to Facebook really means

Its come as a surprise to many that Sir Nick Clegg has been appointed by Facebook as their new vice-president of global affairs and communications.

Some, of course, greeted the decision with bewilderment others questioned why Nick Clegg? Interesting no one seems to have questioned the need for Facebook to better engage with the global political establishment

It’s clear that the main regulatory challenge to Facebook is coming from the European Union (EU), and Clegg – who worked for the European Commission and was then was an MEP from 1999 to 2004, He certainly knows his way around Brussels. He speaks 5 languages and as a former Deputy PM in the UK, he also knows plenty about the inner workings of the UK Government.

The EU has a clear agenda to reign in the power of American technology companies so who better than someone with Clegg’s experience to lobby and navigate the interests and structures of Brussels?

Clegg himself sees his role as to ‘build bridges between politics and tech so that tech can become the servant of progress and optimism, not a source of fear and suspicion.’ 

He adds ‘ If the tech industry can work sensibly with governments, regulators, parliaments and civic society around the world, I believe we can enhance the benefits of technology while diminishing the often unintended downsides.’

It’s clear that the tech companies are taking Politics and Government very seriously. Let’s see who Google Uber and Amazon pick?

Richard Dawson

Image Credit: City AM and Charlie Bibby; Bloomberg (Main Image)



Well which was it ? GDPR or the new Facebook Algorithm ?


I think that on balance its GDPR  whilst the big news feed changes Facebook announced in January ( seems so long ago now doesn’t it !) do put an increasing emphasis on great content and engagement with your community ( not engagement bait) and of course, ads GDPR has a wider significance.

GDPR of course impacts on the management of all data across all platforms online and offline. Its significance from a digital marketing point of view is as a catalyst for a new more open honest and transparent relationship with your customers and prospects.

Thankfully it should see the beginning of the end for Spam of all kinds. Content-driven inbound marketing will become yet more important across all channels, not just Facebook.

What do you think?

James McClymont

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GDPR or the new Facebook Algorithm- Which will impact Digital Marketing the most ?

Have to admit I have been struggling to write my next blog and have two posts nearing completion one on the big news feed changes Facebook announced in January the other the pending some would say looming GDPR Data Protection changes.

I can’t decide which is more important and profound in its effect but I will !!

What do you think?


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