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Why your Marketing needs to be ‘Real World’ and not just ‘Digital’

They say people buy from people and that’s generally true in my experience.

Human beings are highly non-verbal and so we place a lot of value in face to face interaction.

Similarly we like the physical over the virtual ( I think its known as the ‘kinesthetic value’ ) so for example, a Birthday Card in the post suggests ( perhaps wrongly) more thought and care than a Birthday post on Facebook.

I suppose we can call these ‘real world’ experiences.

I must admit that despite growing up long before the Internet, Amazon.Netflix, the Smart Phone and Google I tend to be rather dismissive of the ‘old-fashioned ways of marketing’ and tend to assume they are dead or dying.

So whilst there is of course real value in our digital interactions we must not, of course, lose sight in the value of our ‘real world ‘ contact with people in business or a social context.

So to give some examples

There is still value in Hand-Written Communication for Business Marketing as I have written HERE.

The Business Card is still important as I have written HERE

Though the High Street is struggling as I wrote HERE it’s still critical for Retail success so long as we understand how to change and adapt it for more of a ‘showroom’ role.

Recently we have seen the recovery of printed Book sales ( see HERE) when not long ago the eBook was predicted to virtually eliminate them.

Similarly, we have seen the re-emergence of vinyl as a viable music format you can see more about this HERE.

So in our marketing mix, we should not forget the value of Print, Hight Street and Face to Face.

As the Internet Psychologist Graham Jones puts it ( note to self especially here ) Digital is not the ‘Holy Grail’ of marketing its just a very important channel and we need to remember that.

Richard Dawson

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